Inspiring Car Crash Victim Adam Lanceley Supports Brain and Spine Foundation with His New EP

After being involved in a serious car crash at the age of ten, Adam Lanceley has returned with his sixth release Back To The Sunshine, from which net proceeds will go towards The Brain and Spine Foundation Charity.


Listen to ‘A Film We All Saw’ From the EP here:


The severity of the crash left Adam fighting for his life and Doctors told his parents that it was unlikely he would ever walk or talk again. However, Adam showed remarkable determination to prove them wrong, going on to raise considerable amounts of money for Brain and Spine through numerous 10k runs and he has even completed the London Marathon in aid of them in 2012.


At the time of his accident, not a lot of research had been done into the treatment of brain and spinal injuries, so Adam knows first-hand how traumatic the recovery process can be when the expertise is simply not available. The Brain and Spine foundation was also in its formative stages when Adam sustained his injuries, hence his dedication in raising money for them. He says: ‘I know it is a charity well worth supporting so that the trauma is reduced for future sufferers and I am committed to trying to help as much as I can’.


With his new EP, Back To The Sunshine, Adam has been keen to experiment with new production methods and instrumentation whilst still maintaining his signature style. Whilst Adam has been compared to the likes of Lou Reed, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash, he takes inspiration from a wide range of artists including R.E.M, Roy Orbison and most significantly, The Beach Boys. As a result, Adam creates a genre-bending blend of music that evokes a definitive sunny, West Coast vibe.


When writing his music, Adam is influenced by a mix of factors: everything from topical and relevant events to personal experiences from the present day, as well as his younger years. For example, destinations such as Yorkshire and Devon, amongst other places, have provided Adam with fountains of ideas that he has turned into intriguing and meaningful lyrics, attributing ordinary places with mystical grandeur and reflecting fond memories from his childhood.


With five previous albums to his name, Adam is a prolific songwriter with an affinity for his craft. The new EP was recorded in Surbiton with the help of a sound engineer who worked the engineering for The Eagles when they last played at the Royal Albert Hall.


All net proceeds from the sales of Back To The Sunshine will be donated to The Brain and Spine Foundation and the EP is set for release 7th April.

Rosie O’Sullivan returns with latest EP after losing nearly 17 stone



“Move over Adele, there’s a new British diva in town” – ITV This Morning

Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Rosie O’Sullivan is back, after losing 16.5 stone in weight, with a new soul inspired collection of tracks. The soul songstress writes and sings from the heart with a fullness of passion, which has nurtured and helped shape her own individual musical imagination. Having performed at Birmingham Pride, Big Festival and The Brummie Awards, worked alongside Martha Reeves, Shalamar and The Real Thing and received amazing feedback from the BGT judges, O’Sullivan is back and better than ever.


Gaining influences from her family and relationships, Rosie found her own experiences in life inspire her music most. The album is based around relationships and experiences in her life that have happened over the past few years but ‘No One’ follows the story of true love between Rosie’s mum and dad that she is lucky to see every day.

Brought up with the rousing sounds of Motown, soul and the vibrant style of the sixties, Rosie immersed herself in the unique energy of the music, which has naturally lingered into her own. By the age of eleven Rosie could play both the piano and saxophone and continued to blossom as an artist. She began singing alongside The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain in the 2011 and 2012 BBC Proms and then gained a Bachelor of Music Performance Degree at the London College of Music.



Celebrity hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold takes a step back from the spiritual world to peruse music

Multi-million selling celebrity self-help author and hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold takes a step back from the spiritual world to peruse his musical career. Harrold has collaborated with Dean Rhymes to release ‘The Wayfarer’ inspired by the amazing story of Peace Pilgrim.

His hypnosis and meditation downloads and Apps have sold over 7 million copies worldwide and are perennial best sellers on Amazon, iTunes, the App Store, Google Play and elsewhere. Glenn has also written 7 books, which have been published by major publishers Orion in the UK and Europe and McGraw Hill in the US.






‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ by The Maladaptive Solution

The Maladaptive Solution are a band like no other. With didactic aims and teaching at the heart of the music they write, they are looking to ‘brainwash’ listeners with their new spiritually influences single, ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’.

Composing of a number of contributors including Brad Beard, Jimmy Haber, Kylie Whitney, Michael Giblin and Michael Carpenter, the group are influenced by a wide range of genres from rock to pop, of all decades, and this is what makes their style so hard to pin down. They take elements from all of this music, picking the best parts that will convey their powerful messages.

The superbly-crafted track was amazingly written in just one session, yet it was recorded over a number of years displaying the attention to detail and meticulousness of the band to gain absolute perfection within their music.

‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ is the kind of track that really taps into your emotions, no matter what music you usually listen to, and other listeners have even reported crying, strong emotions of happiness and even feelings of support. Evidently, The Maladaptive Solution have got their musical recipe right if they are provoking such strong emotions from their work and the song can be interpreted in whichever way the listener chooses.

‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ is out now but it’s much more than just a song,  it’s an educational piece of art that doubles as a pleasure for the ears.


‘Runaw’y’ By Pimlican

Pimlican is a unique artist who, by collaborating with a number of other talented musicians, is able to touch on a wide range of genres including R&B, dance and pop. His latest release ‘Runaw’y’ employs a powerful blend of all three, creating a catchy track that’ll be stuck in your head for days! If you’re wondering, the name ‘Pimlican’ comes from spending many nights in Pimlico, London, waiting for appointments with members of the music industry.

Pimlican is particularly adept at mixing infectious hooks with colourful instrumentation that sets his music apart from the crowd. These strong songwriting skills have earned him airplay on Radio 6 with Tom Robinson, as well as BBC Introducing and BBC Radio Leeds.

The whole idea behind Pimlican’s collective is to deliver engaging live performances and so anyone can get involved with the group, as long as they have something to offer and add to the music.

After releasing single ‘B’ck 4 More/P’lya’ in late May, Pimlican are set to release the addictive dance pop track ‘Runaw’y’, using rap to compliment the strong vocals.


Jvgg Sparrow’s ‘Pirate’

Introducing Jvgg Spvrrow, a hip-hop artist like you’ve never seen before. Having grown up on the island of St Martin where they speak English and the other half French, the bilingual artist writes all of his own lyrics and adopts a modern pirate image, if you can believe it! Hence the name of his latest single, ‘Pirate’.

Jvgg Spvrrow has learnt and built his way up from the streets of St Martin, from life on the block to living life in the studio, music is his religion. This is where his term ‘SM on Da Map’ comes from, meaning ‘St Martin To The World’.

Jvgg has developed an eclectic style of music blending elements from a number of styles – Hip-Hop to Reggae and even Electro. Spvrrow prides himself on his highly diversified tracks allowing to reach various audiences.

Adding to his style Jvgg Spvrrow has a strong image, fashion sense and originality around his Pirate concept which make him stand out from the crowd. Inspired by Hip Hop artists such as Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Asap Rocky, french hip hop artists like Booba, Joey Starr and Dancehall artists such as Bounty Killer, Movado and Vybz Kartel, Jvgg has a wide spectrum of influences that allow him to create a super-hybrid of all these genres of music.

Pirate is Jvgg Spvrrow’s latest release, with a powerful vibe and witty lyrics, it is exactly what you want from a hip hop track- Jvgg Spvrrow is ready to take St Martin to the world.

Find out more on Jvgg Spvrrow here:




Inspired Songwriting From Jodie H. Dunn


Despite being bullied for long periods of her time at school, Jodie H. Dunn has fought back against her bullies using these difficult experiences to fuel her songwriting talents. Consequently, after many hardships, she has professionally recorded the supremely well-crafted track, ‘I Belong In Hell’.

Don’t be put off by the name though – it may sound like a hard-core metal track but Jodie’s style takes elements of pop, soul and even a little bit of rock to form a potent combination. Her powerful vocals and dark, brooding sequences wouldn’t be incongruous to a James Bond theme or film soundtrack and this goes to prove the versatility of Jodie’s music.

After studying at the Academy of Music and Sound, music became Jodie’s diary whereby she expressed her emotions via her lyrics. Her songs have progressively got more meaningful, leading to ‘I Belong In Hell’ based on the idea of someone controlling you at your lowest point.

Find out more on Jodie here: