Ms. Mohammad – a new punk goddess?

Ms. Mohammed has very effectively and elegantly carved her own brand of female led ‘island punk’ in a very short space of time. She likens herself to Grace Jones & PJ Harvey, which is evident in her empowered, goddess/ vampire like image and punk fuelled drive. However I would also argue this descriptive mixing pot needs some Kate Bush to truly represent Ms. Mohammed. Theres a definite sense that one day she may well be considered a creative genius.

Ms. Mohammed’s new ‘Alibi E.P’ is angry, heartfelt and clever selection of songs. You can tell she means every word that she spits through gritted teeth on this E.P. Ms. Mohammad has definitely managed to capture a sense of discontent and unrest on this E.P, a blanket that seems to be covering the UK since brexit. Given that she came to the UK from Trinidad its something that I’m sure she feels passionately about!

As it says in her press release for the E.P – Ms. Mohammad is ‘A champion of religious and cultural tolerance and supporter of LGBT rights, Ms Mohammed is challenging prejudice through her music.’ All of which makes her all the more interesting and also more admirable.

Leading track ‘Alibi’ pulls you in like an angry, fuzzy, distorted fishing line. While the relentless fuzzy guitar and pulsating, almost tribal Drums behind her pull the songs onwards, Mohammed floats her voice in a sea of reverb, giving it a dreamy quality whilst however you feel as though every word is said with spitting blood.

She means it, you should hear it – watch the spooky music video for Alibi below

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Souli Roots to save the world!

You may remember Souli Roots from her brief stint on X factor back in 2013 or from her appearance at Wembley’s SSE Arena. How she has developed as an artist since then is something to behold.

‘World Peace Expression’ is the follow up after the success of her drum and bass inspired debut This is the place’ . It’s obvious from the very start of the track how much Souli Roots has developed as an artist, as she brings in tribal African drums layered with psychedelic instrumentation.  Her powerful vocals echo over the track as she calls for the next generation to ‘clean up this mess’.

Take a listen here:

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Neethusha Finds Her Way

Neethusha is a versatile artist/singer-songwriter, who can sing anything from ballads to rock music, singing what she likes singing:

“I write sweet, happy songs when I am happy, sad songs when I am sad, and if I want to make you dance I will compose an EDM track”

This diverse and versatile attitude is what has lead to her new single ‘Why Did I Lose You’.

Why Did I Lose you can be heard here:

The beautifully romantic and sad ballad displays her influence from acts such as Shania Twain and Celine Dion. The song is dedicated to all those who have lost someone, “Sometimes life brings you the most wonderful people into your life, and just when your heart has grown immensly fond of them, rips them away from you. The only option we have, is to struggle, accept the pain and move on.” The emotional message behind the song can be clearly seen through the lyrics and heard by the expressive emotion in her voice.

Neethushas’s Indian upbringing and heritage could have got in her way, but her determination, drive and ‘voice in her head’, telling her not to back down, kept her going and got her to where she is today. And we couldn’t be happier.

Modiwo’s Guide to Music, Life and Beyond

Confounding expectations, Modiwo have emerged from the shadows of the Carpathian Mountains to become one of the country’s breakout musical success stories, whilst also giving their time to support charity projects around the world. Initially forming in order to provide entertainment for local orphanages and retirement projects, demand for the band’s music grew to such a scale that they agreed to become a band in their own right.

With their diverse backgrounds from Romania, Ukraine, Moldova and Hungary, their completely unique and captivating dream-like pop sound is a clear example of the band working together in harmony to create a blissfully uplifting track that fills the listener with positivity and warmth.

The video to Never Give Up can be watched here:

After taking over their home countries with their music, they have also started getting involved with the charity Fruit Fusion, which offers audiences attending gigs to pay with fruit instead of money, which then gets donated to local orphanages, in conjunction with The Bureau of Children’s’ Rights Protection. An average show can deliver up to 700kg of fruit to those most deserving. Modiwo carry this living ethos through to their own lifestyles and into their music, using their music as a form of relaxation therapy. Their positive and uplifting vibes can be clearly felt through their new track.

Lady Geraldine: Jeweller By Day, Singer/Songwriter By Night

Running a fully-fledged business as a jewellery designer can seem like it would take up a large portion of time, but musician and singer/songwriter Lady Geraldine, is proving to all of us that you can do this as well as record and write your own songs.

Lady Geraldine’s life experiences are far from lacking in vibrancy and range. After being born in England, she has travelled and has resided in places such as North Africa and South America. However, she is now settling in Edinburgh, home to the fringe, one of the worlds most popular and renowned festivals. This has helped Lady Geraldine gain a extravagant and unique creative drive, which shows through her many forms of work, whether it be jewellery, oil paintings or music, she is always busy working on something.

She is now set to release album ‘Little Miss Blue’, which a compilation of all original songs, which she has recorded with extremely talented session musicians from Scotland, and has had help from Lawrence Riva who has engineered and produced tracks for the likes of ‘Big Country’, ‘Wet Wet Wet’ and ‘Bay City Rollers’



The Fast And The Furiously Skilled: Antonio Domingos Is Just New Entry Into Record Breaking Success.

piano 1

The world is a wonderfully strange place when it comes to talent and skills. And now Antonio Domingos is part of a long list of world record holders and breakers.

Antonio has found great success in pushing himself to best of his abilities and is always progressing further. He has a YouTube channel named ‘Extreme Piano Channel’. in which he posts his various pieces showcasing his immense speed and endurance.

Antonio holds the world record title for  ‘Most Piano Key hits in one minute’. The pianist played the key B7, 824 times in 60 seconds, which seems humanly impossible, hitting more than 13 hits a second. this brilliant mind has studied and worked hard for many years, and has rightfully been handed this title.

Other musicians that hold a world record for speed and endurance include Nirvana Bista of Mussoorie in India, which he achieved in May of 2015. He performed ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ in the tempo of 1600, which seems physically impossible, and through the footage, seems almost demonic.

Nirvana Bista (Fastest Guitar Player)-

However on the other side of the musical map, a title held by artist ‘No Clue’, aka Ricky Raphel Brown, is ‘worlds official fastest rap MC’, in which he rapped 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds, which is 14.1 syllables per second.

No Clue (Fastest Rapper) –

But Antonio, is now a world record holder, and this is an achievement of the century.

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Brian Eno’s Great Hope for the Future of Classical Music Releases New Album

Receiving a commendation from one of the Godfathers of the experimental music scene would be enough for many artists, but Belle Chen, an Australian/Taiwanese pianist is continuing to push the boundaries of both electronic sound and classical music.

Where as many of us will go on holiday and take a few photos and buy a keyring that breaks with a week of getting back home, Belle has used her travelling experience to influence her experimental sound, picking up sounds and influences from the people and places she has visited. Her latest album has seen her soaking up the heart of Paris, marrying it with her own emotions and creating a deeply affecting collection of sound collages that is quite unlike anything you would expect from either traditional classical or futuristic electronic fields.

Her live work is just as cutting-edge, seeing Belle playing piano as well as manipulating and performing something akin to open-heart surgery on the instrument to create completely unique sounds, all the while using her Ableton Live set-up to add further textures to the experience. Belle will be playing live at London’s Bloomsbury Festival on 18th and 21st of October, alongside a live VJ and light-show



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