Lawrence Preston AKA The Groove Master Tells YOU How to Survive a Unsuccessful Date Night

Other than having an incredible fashion sense that anyone would aspire to have (seriously, look at that shirt?!) Guitarist and Vocalist Lawrence Preston has been making moves (groovy ones of course) in his career with a brand new single Stood Up. Initially, your first thoughts may be to disregard such a ‘outdated’ genre, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of this one.

So, how does it sound?

When a budding musician makes an attempt to revive a genre which hasn’t been mainstream since the late 1980’s, it’s a very difficult thing to do, but Lawrence seems to incorporate ‘R&B’ codes and conventions that could be heard in tracks created by the likes of R Kelly, and Usher.

The track begins with what can only be described as atmosphere, clearly indicating that the track is going to tell a story (like a radio drama, just less boring…). However, incredibly well mixed bongo’s appear over the top of the commotion as if Jack Contanzo himself was in the room. The introduction overall is an excellent foundation of what is to come.

Following the introduction, the first verse and chorus are fairly conventional, but again, are very well mixed. Moreover, the guitar is incredibly important within a Funk track, as it is the life and soul of the ‘sound’, and Preston really captures this essence with a resounding tone that brings the track to life.

Overall, the track continues to impress as it draws to a close by showing more of Preston’s incredibly talented skills on the guitar, bass and vocals. The overall story told within the vocals also draws to a close, which if listened to closely takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

“Stood Up” shows Lawrence Preston as being not just a consummate smooth soul singer at the peak of his powers but as an artist for fans of 70s disco and funk, 80s stars like Rick James and Maze and for those wanting to hear real musicianship and ego-free musical fusion.

Why not have a listen for yourself? Get your rollerblades on an get down to the discotheque!




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The story behind Cholesterol’s new single ‘Satan’s in Heaven’, which is taken from the EP of the same name is about the election of Donald Trump – fans of the great leader may want to look away now!

A is a jaunty gospel/country singalong that catches your attention and kidnaps it indefinitely – a hymn to idiocy, if you will.  The accompanying video is an artistic triumph, the perfect mixture of day glow laughs and acerbic criticism.

You can watch the video here:


Cholesterol was born on a US army base in Bavaria before moving to Boston, where he spent his formative years. After a period of twenty years living in New York City, he now splits his time between London, Boston and Cape Cod, his observations of the world around him keener than ever!

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Lawrence Preston Has Got ‘Something For You’ In Brand New Song


Lawrence Preston is back, even bigger and better than ever. Make way for an artist who knows the business, and who can provide some of the smoothest tunes going.

Lawrence Preston’s impeccable song-writing is partnered with his extraordinary talents as a performer, bass player and producer; culminating in a beautifully arranged single ‘Something For You’, which has proven that age is no factor when song writing is involved.

Lawrence was born in the San Francisco bay area, where he was first introduced to music through his grandfather Gospel, of which his parents were are part of. They were labelled as ‘The Sensational Travelers’, and as Lawrence was gaining a keen interest for music, he asked if he could join, at the early age of 5 years old!



After many years of playing live, including being bass player in Dorothy Morrison’s gospel band, he kept on exploring his talent, all while founding his independent record label, and releasing his first full-length album, Lawrence was definitely heavily active during this time.

Now ready to show audiences the smoothest, most sincere side of himself, he is sure to be a name not to miss.