An Album For The Ages! Satellite Ravens’ ‘The Equinox’ Is A Treat For Any Music Lover…Or Bassist


Taking all musical angles possible to create a fusion based album unlike no other, Satellite Ravens forefront leader Carson Rohde’, has made darn sure he has the funkiest and tastiest bass lines around.

Taking Funk and mixing it up in a rock-pop-jazz medley is probably no small feat for Carson, however, to the average music listener that something that is interesting, rich and full of life, making Satellite Ravens a band to watch out for.

With tracks like bright and colorful ‘Rearranged’, and the always fantastic ‘Changes’, there is no doubt that you will love this album!

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Review: Killer New Single ‘Along The Way’ From Survival Code

The new single ‘Along The Way’ from duo rockers Survival Code is a banging track from the off with a pounding, fast beat that sets the intention clearly.  This is rock but with a slight nod to pop and comes across as somewhat less gritty and more of a track to put on repeat instead of being some sort of power rock ballad.

There are plenty of strong chords, and quick instrumentation that couples perfectly with the lyrics layered in hooky harmonies.  Think Blink-182 and Green Day here.  You will find yourself singing along in agreement to where the lyrics lead at an increasing pace.  This isn’t cloying rock and has just enough strength with a bit of bite to it.  You can hear the weighty strong riffs and fast paced rhythm to guide the track ably along.  There is an unfortunate tendency for bands falling into the  rock genre to get a bit distorted by the sheer roughness and unfinished texture to their content but you definitely won’t find that here.

What is evident with this track is how deftly this has been arranged and written to fully rock out on.  It is punchy and the structure is succinct and tight.  More importantly, this track is a great indicator and representation for the rest of the album as a whole.  What’s even better, for the entirety of the their album, Hopelessness of People, you get more of the same with every track.

With upcoming dates in London and Dublin, this is definitely a band not to miss.

Ms. Mohammad – a new punk goddess?

Ms. Mohammed has very effectively and elegantly carved her own brand of female led ‘island punk’ in a very short space of time. She likens herself to Grace Jones & PJ Harvey, which is evident in her empowered, goddess/ vampire like image and punk fuelled drive. However I would also argue this descriptive mixing pot needs some Kate Bush to truly represent Ms. Mohammed. Theres a definite sense that one day she may well be considered a creative genius.

Ms. Mohammed’s new ‘Alibi E.P’ is angry, heartfelt and clever selection of songs. You can tell she means every word that she spits through gritted teeth on this E.P. Ms. Mohammad has definitely managed to capture a sense of discontent and unrest on this E.P, a blanket that seems to be covering the UK since brexit. Given that she came to the UK from Trinidad its something that I’m sure she feels passionately about!

As it says in her press release for the E.P – Ms. Mohammad is ‘A champion of religious and cultural tolerance and supporter of LGBT rights, Ms Mohammed is challenging prejudice through her music.’ All of which makes her all the more interesting and also more admirable.

Leading track ‘Alibi’ pulls you in like an angry, fuzzy, distorted fishing line. While the relentless fuzzy guitar and pulsating, almost tribal Drums behind her pull the songs onwards, Mohammed floats her voice in a sea of reverb, giving it a dreamy quality whilst however you feel as though every word is said with spitting blood.

She means it, you should hear it – watch the spooky music video for Alibi below

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Lady Geraldine: Jeweller By Day, Singer/Songwriter By Night

Running a fully-fledged business as a jewellery designer can seem like it would take up a large portion of time, but musician and singer/songwriter Lady Geraldine, is proving to all of us that you can do this as well as record and write your own songs.

Lady Geraldine’s life experiences are far from lacking in vibrancy and range. After being born in England, she has travelled and has resided in places such as North Africa and South America. However, she is now settling in Edinburgh, home to the fringe, one of the worlds most popular and renowned festivals. This has helped Lady Geraldine gain a extravagant and unique creative drive, which shows through her many forms of work, whether it be jewellery, oil paintings or music, she is always busy working on something.

She is now set to release album ‘Little Miss Blue’, which a compilation of all original songs, which she has recorded with extremely talented session musicians from Scotland, and has had help from Lawrence Riva who has engineered and produced tracks for the likes of ‘Big Country’, ‘Wet Wet Wet’ and ‘Bay City Rollers’



‘Forever’: The New Single by Georg Roman

Hailing from Russia, Georg Roman is a musician packing some serious power. Underneath the calm exterior is a baritone that can really lift the roof. It’s a surprise that the venues he has performed at in the past, such as the Bonn Opera and the Bolshoi Academic Theatre are still intact!

‘Forever’ is Georg’s new single, a powerful combination of opera, classical and a hint of rock styling, with a memorable hook that you’ll be humming for days after listening to the track.

Music and singing has always been a part of Georg’s life, running alongside his passion for sport that almost saw him take on a career as a professional weightlifter and fighter. However, he eventually had to make a decision between the two and the musical world is glad that he made the one he did.

Music is clearly Georg’s calling, especially when you have a vocal weapon like he does. Comparing Roman to the likes of Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti would be a huge compliment for the baritone singer, who idolises these icons of operatic music.

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‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ by The Maladaptive Solution

The Maladaptive Solution are a band like no other. With didactic aims and teaching at the heart of the music they write, they are looking to ‘brainwash’ listeners with their new spiritually influences single, ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’.

Composing of a number of contributors including Brad Beard, Jimmy Haber, Kylie Whitney, Michael Giblin and Michael Carpenter, the group are influenced by a wide range of genres from rock to pop, of all decades, and this is what makes their style so hard to pin down. They take elements from all of this music, picking the best parts that will convey their powerful messages.

The superbly-crafted track was amazingly written in just one session, yet it was recorded over a number of years displaying the attention to detail and meticulousness of the band to gain absolute perfection within their music.

‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ is the kind of track that really taps into your emotions, no matter what music you usually listen to, and other listeners have even reported crying, strong emotions of happiness and even feelings of support. Evidently, The Maladaptive Solution have got their musical recipe right if they are provoking such strong emotions from their work and the song can be interpreted in whichever way the listener chooses.

‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ is out now but it’s much more than just a song,  it’s an educational piece of art that doubles as a pleasure for the ears.


‘Tennessee’ by INJIN

INJIN is the musical moniker of talented songwriter, Roger James, who has been in the industry for a long time, but he is now releasing some beautifully inspired 80s-esque folk-rock, starting with ‘Tennessee’.

The track employs a unique blend of instrumentation including pacific wind instruments, deep resonating synths, electric guitars and INJIN’s trademark roaring vocals.

A difficult childhood has influenced INJIN’s songwriting process and given him the material to make his songs meaningful, unlike some of the ‘conveyor belt’ content of the current music industry that INJIN strongly opposes. He believes that this kind of music has lost a certain personal touch which he has tried to give life to in ‘Tennessee’.

INJIN’s song is joined by a visually beautiful music video that complements the feel of the track perfectly. Check it out here!