Lawrence Preston AKA The Groove Master Tells YOU How to Survive a Unsuccessful Date Night

Other than having an incredible fashion sense that anyone would aspire to have (seriously, look at that shirt?!) Guitarist and Vocalist Lawrence Preston has been making moves (groovy ones of course) in his career with a brand new single Stood Up. Initially, your first thoughts may be to disregard such a ‘outdated’ genre, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of this one.

So, how does it sound?

When a budding musician makes an attempt to revive a genre which hasn’t been mainstream since the late 1980’s, it’s a very difficult thing to do, but Lawrence seems to incorporate ‘R&B’ codes and conventions that could be heard in tracks created by the likes of R Kelly, and Usher.

The track begins with what can only be described as atmosphere, clearly indicating that the track is going to tell a story (like a radio drama, just less boring…). However, incredibly well mixed bongo’s appear over the top of the commotion as if Jack Contanzo himself was in the room. The introduction overall is an excellent foundation of what is to come.

Following the introduction, the first verse and chorus are fairly conventional, but again, are very well mixed. Moreover, the guitar is incredibly important within a Funk track, as it is the life and soul of the ‘sound’, and Preston really captures this essence with a resounding tone that brings the track to life.

Overall, the track continues to impress as it draws to a close by showing more of Preston’s incredibly talented skills on the guitar, bass and vocals. The overall story told within the vocals also draws to a close, which if listened to closely takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

“Stood Up” shows Lawrence Preston as being not just a consummate smooth soul singer at the peak of his powers but as an artist for fans of 70s disco and funk, 80s stars like Rick James and Maze and for those wanting to hear real musicianship and ego-free musical fusion.

Why not have a listen for yourself? Get your rollerblades on an get down to the discotheque!




Twitter: @law_preston


An Album For The Ages! Satellite Ravens’ ‘The Equinox’ Is A Treat For Any Music Lover…Or Bassist


Taking all musical angles possible to create a fusion based album unlike no other, Satellite Ravens forefront leader Carson Rohde’, has made darn sure he has the funkiest and tastiest bass lines around.

Taking Funk and mixing it up in a rock-pop-jazz medley is probably no small feat for Carson, however, to the average music listener that something that is interesting, rich and full of life, making Satellite Ravens a band to watch out for.

With tracks like bright and colorful ‘Rearranged’, and the always fantastic ‘Changes’, there is no doubt that you will love this album!

Be sure to check him out:








Lawrence Preston Has Got ‘Something For You’ In Brand New Song


Lawrence Preston is back, even bigger and better than ever. Make way for an artist who knows the business, and who can provide some of the smoothest tunes going.

Lawrence Preston’s impeccable song-writing is partnered with his extraordinary talents as a performer, bass player and producer; culminating in a beautifully arranged single ‘Something For You’, which has proven that age is no factor when song writing is involved.

Lawrence was born in the San Francisco bay area, where he was first introduced to music through his grandfather Gospel, of which his parents were are part of. They were labelled as ‘The Sensational Travelers’, and as Lawrence was gaining a keen interest for music, he asked if he could join, at the early age of 5 years old!



After many years of playing live, including being bass player in Dorothy Morrison’s gospel band, he kept on exploring his talent, all while founding his independent record label, and releasing his first full-length album, Lawrence was definitely heavily active during this time.

Now ready to show audiences the smoothest, most sincere side of himself, he is sure to be a name not to miss.



Crack of Dawn Retrospective Sparks Funk Rebirth

Recently, Crack of Dawn issued, “Spotlight” a collection of tracks dating back to 1976 up to round about yesterday. Who? I’m glad you asked.





Crack of Dawn are the band that Canada enjoyed when everyone else played it safe and stuck with Earth, Wind and Fire. The band were so successful in Canada that the comfortably outsold EWF, the real surprise actually being that America didn’t follow. It was no act of patriotism that Canada swooned over the band, their songs, it transpires, are absolute doozies: funk and soul behemoths which hit their groove early and build to euphoric crescendos. Time enough then for you to scurry away and check out not just Crack of Dawn but the following funky combos



Parliament, whisper it, are significantly better than Funkadelic. Look, proof:


…although we are open to arguments:

Earth, Wind and Fire:

They ran out of steam long before Crack of Dawn reinvigorated themselves but at their pomp, there was little pompier


Vocorders set to stun. Funk doesn’t have to last nine minutes…but it should:

The Bar-Kays

Never really got their due. There’s still time


Dance, Dance To The Sounds Of The 80s!

Silver Jack w-Hat 11 _3500.jpg

Adonis had me from the moment My Different Lover first note reached my ears. Right from the get go, it’s an upbeat, joyous throwback to the glory days of pop in the 1980s, and any fans of Michael Jackson should check it out right away. It’s all there and as satisfying as ever, from gated reverbs to warm analogue synths, Adonis’s musical knowledge and ability is clear and undeniable.

Listen to My Different Lover here:

My Different Lover focuses on the spiritual love between two people, rather than lust. Taking influence from classic Motown and soul, the exhilarating production is enlivened by Adonis’ bass playing and multi-layered keyboards and vocals.

Adonis is not only a songwriter though and his experience with music is clear when listening to his work. Over the years he has worked as a co-writer, a producer and an arranger and it is now that all this has come together to create something that is truly special.



One of the greatest European jazz pianists Massimo Colombo forms a Burt Bacharach tribute album


One of the greatest European jazz pianists Massimo Colombo has formed an entirely unique tribute album of 13 Burt Bacharach’s classics with 5 instrumentals exploring the Bacharach songs moods titled ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’. Colombo has escaped the jazz album cliche by blending musical genres, featuring the likes of Weather Report drummer Peter Erskine and Yellowjackets member Bob Mintzer.

Conceived and produced by Giampaolo Pasquile and Michele Garruti for PLAY (Milan) and Orcle Records ltd (London), ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’ has a smooth jazz sound but with strong elements of pop, funk and folk. Producers took inspiration from artists such as Chet Baker and Michael Buble, giving the album that edge that makes it stands out.

Watch the album teaser here:


Court Royal want you to ‘Watch Yourself’ in brand new single

‘Watch Yourself’ is a grooving triumph, encouraging people to work for what they believe in despite what others think of their talents. It’s a positive message in a world that’s all too negative sometimes, and you can hear it for yourself here:

Keep an eye on Court Royal in 2015 – ‘Watch Yourself’ is unleashed on May 29th.