Crack of Dawn Retrospective Sparks Funk Rebirth

Recently, Crack of Dawn issued, “Spotlight” a collection of tracks dating back to 1976 up to round about yesterday. Who? I’m glad you asked.





Crack of Dawn are the band that Canada enjoyed when everyone else played it safe and stuck with Earth, Wind and Fire. The band were so successful in Canada that the comfortably outsold EWF, the real surprise actually being that America didn’t follow. It was no act of patriotism that Canada swooned over the band, their songs, it transpires, are absolute doozies: funk and soul behemoths which hit their groove early and build to euphoric crescendos. Time enough then for you to scurry away and check out not just Crack of Dawn but the following funky combos



Parliament, whisper it, are significantly better than Funkadelic. Look, proof:


…although we are open to arguments:

Earth, Wind and Fire:

They ran out of steam long before Crack of Dawn reinvigorated themselves but at their pomp, there was little pompier


Vocorders set to stun. Funk doesn’t have to last nine minutes…but it should:

The Bar-Kays

Never really got their due. There’s still time



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